Professional Development – Digital Skills Required

Today’s workforce face many challenges in the ever changing jobs market. First and foremost they are now required to have all the digital skills to support the requirements of an ever changing digital economy but what does that really mean? What skills are important? JISCs article Designing Learning and Assessment in a digital age states:If you apply this to all technology then planning what and when new digital tools are deployed is really important. Staff need the time and space within the working week to learn new skills and need appropriate and consistent ongoing support whilst doing this. This is particularly true in education as the actions and processes employed by all staff have a direct influence on the next ‘digital workforce’. So right through the from the very top managers downwards it is essential to know how to use things as basic as conducting a busy search to book a meeting in Microsoft outlook to how to effectively use the lecture capture system. Lack of engagement leads to poor and antiquated processes and a lack of flexibility and agility in an already stretched workforce. Learning and improving digital skills should be seen as an opportunity and not an inconvenience.