Positive faced with negative

All things will pass, well almost all……

Have to say it has taken a while to write this post and it comes off the back of a difficult week when somethings went wrong. Going online and being online makes up a very large proportion of this company’s work and ‘busy’ doesn’t cover the demand for work in the last few weeks. It has been great and a distraction from other issues but every now and then something goes wrong which can be upsetting and really harms the ability to stay positive.

There’s been a lot written on the internet, books and social media about staying positive and one thing that we’ve learnt is that it is impossible to do that all the time. Anyone who is asking you to ‘stay positive’ and ‘bounce back’ has obviously never felt negative as you have to have negative to value and understand positive. In fact it is ok to be sad and it’s ok to feel guilty even if it wasn’t your fault when things go wrong it means you care. The internet will fall over, computers and software will fail. Reacting by doing something to sort things out is not only good for the client but is a good way to move on mentally. Asking the working community for support is also helpful as sharing can bring support and help. The WONKHE Conference ‘No buildings from September‘ (#AulaWonkhe2020 on Twitter) brought together a range of learning and teaching experts to share issues surrounding working in a pandemic. Being part of a working community that discusses issues such as Association of Learning Technology always helps put things into perspective and writing things down either as a tweet, a blog post or even drawing an image and posting that can move worries and concerns out of the mind. So don’t be afraid of negatives, experience the sad with the happy and keep communicating and supporting each other. It’s ok to share negatives as well as positives.