Digital skills: Light – illuminating the experience

Light is a key ingredient in the development of any design or image. It’s more than just illumination it provides: space around an element, draws the eye to where the creator wants the user to go, often adds movement such as flashes again drawing the eye and light can be used to change and enhance mood. To learn about light a useful place to start is with architecture, the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona designed by the architect Gaudi is not only beautifully lit inside having stained glass windows, it reacts to its environment and integrates the weather. Sun and shade changes and enhances its mood. Choose a building in your area and spend the day there, see how weather, light and shade effects your mood as you sit either inside or outside. Take a camera record your experiences, make some notes on how you feel with each change then try to see if you can take these elements into your designs. When ever we are experiencing a mental block it helps us the change our environment and just putting on or turning off the light can help.