Digital skills: Inspiration strikes

Is inspiration a digital skill you may ask? Well with the big ‘library’ that is the internet getting larger and larger allowing people to share more and more content then it is easy to put into a search engine ‘inspire me’ and watch what comes up. However, the skill comes in putting in the ‘right’ words or phrases and finding the content that will spark an idea or thought that will help you create something or just simply make you smile. The skill in doing this is following that first thought and sifting through the results. Big data is a big thing and the more that is added and the more search engines monitor our clicks and choices the more difficult it becomes to not get more of the same sort of results. To find new types of content it is necessary to step out of our comfort zone be creative with our search options choosing the tenth page of results rather than the first and use a variety of search apps. So strike a new path and look from a new angle. Try old tech like books and visit a library you never know what new sources of enrichment you might find.