Grateful for small things

Disconnecting the dots

By now you’ve tried out every online exercise class going, started every book you’ve been meaning to read, cleaned a little, watched rerun of old tv and spent a lot of time browsing social media and online shopping. After weeks of lockdown it’s easy to become unhappy, frustrated and bored. One of the most useful thing to do to manage mood with all the data coming from friends, from tv, from social media is actually to disconnect from the data feeds. Yes, we said disconnect. As a company that supports the production and use of data, media and social network sites we should from a business point of view be suggesting greater use to stay connected. However, in these difficult times we suggest the parameters have changed and that limiting connection is actually beneficial. We are not suggesting forever just have a data free day at least one day a week. There is a load of evidence that this will help mood the BBC has a useful article on how to protect your mental health. Try to pick a Saturday or a Sunday have a change from a ‘normal’ week day and actually have a weekend. Be grateful for small things a decent coffee, lovely food, sunshine and take care out there.