Digital skills: Space to breathe

The pace of life & business is really fast. Everything is required in record time. The speed at which social media & digital technology produces news, media & content driving trends is truly breath taking. There’s definitely more of a ‘want it now’ culture & then on to the next thing. It actually takes effort to say ‘stop!’ switch off the technology, ignore the emails, don’t look or engage with those messages. Yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours that’s what we did, the sky didn’t fall in, we didn’t lose customers, we didn’t lose our minds. The results? Well the world did not end, we actually involved a client in this & we sat discussing things unrelated to work. In fact we also discussed aspects of tech we all liked which was a bit of a cheat really ? The benefits, we gained a little space & perspective which we filled with a better knowledge of our client, we shared stories with out worrying if we’d recorded all the details & we drank our hot drinks whilst they were still hot! The little break helped our focus that’s a skill in itself. So challenge yourself to switch it all off it doesn’t have to be all day just a couple of hours. You never know what benefits you may get.