Digital skills: Space – Thinking time

There a board in our office that we use to list important jobs & upcoming deadlines. Why a board? Why not put those things online in project calendar? Well it actually helps to put that set of information out on display providing a space that can be glanced at. This type of thinking area & process is often called off loading. Whilst work is being completed it is in eye-line, the deadlines are not forgotten & often working is being thought through subconsciously. Project dependencies & dates are added, key words & thoughts highlighted. It’s like a company mood board. A ‘download’ of collective information. Is there an online equivalent? We’ve tried using a variety of shared boards online including Padlet & even a PowerPoint slide setup on a tablet so that we can add & draw on it. The board on the wall seems to work the best. The actual physical act of drawing on it promotes the flow of ideas, allows time away from a screen & encourages collaboration in an easily shared space. However, there is a requirement to maintain a set of standards or rules associated with the process. Always write in a legible way, make sure diagrams make sense & at the end of a project & at any key stages throughout capture the data. Always make sure a digital record is made (take photographs) so nothing is ever lost. It’s the ultimate organic marriage between analogue and digital. The skill is to know what works the best. If a process works don’t fix it by going digital.