Digital skills: Space – Preventing overload

As the mornings & nights start to get darker it’s very easy to stay chained to the desk catching up with media & emails. In fact there is so much concern about use of social media that in September there’s a campaign to give it up for a month. As a company we help people to use social media for fun, for teaching & learning & also fir business. As part of that service we provide guidance on usage. There are so many forms of data bombarding us from main diverse directions it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So switching it off can be difficult but there are a couple of things you can do. Give yourself a break everyday. Many of us use this stuff for work so that might seem hard but if it’s a personal phone put it out of sight at coffee or lunch break. If it’s your work PC log off from the source Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You don’t have to do that all day just part of it. At break time try & get some natural day light go out if you can. On the weekend or evening if you’re eating or drinking try to concentrate on eating or drinking. Total abstinence isn’t actually useful if its not achievable. Take back control all the emails & alerts will be there when you come back to them.