Digital skills: Space – Beautiful simplicity

All the technology that is available to support design and learning is absolutely amazing. There are app developers with new designs (one of our new favourites is Digital Perceptions Tool) innovate companies such as coming up with new methodologies and academics providing new research to underpin these developments (see JISC for upcoming trends). With this wealth of riches it is easy to become overwhelmed. The temptation is to use something new because it’s either trending or a colleague or rival has it. However, there are advantages to keeping it simple and perhaps considering creating a new spin on what essentially is older methodologies. The guardians article about writing makes interesting reading and inspires consideration of what might be actually useful to students in their life as a whole. A look back at methods used to learn and teach in the last five years is definitely worth the effort. Consider what worked well and what didn’t work. Are those apps still around? What is still being used? What has disappeared? Simple often works well and has a long shelf life.