Digital Skills – Reality – Moderation?

Post the September break from social media people will be returning to their devices & social accounts. Device makers are providing apps that will apparently help us Apple introducing theirs with the latest install of their iOS 12. So where does that leave us? Whilst it’s useful to know exactly how many hours we using our devices does this all really help? If we use it for work & the device is provided by our employer then will the employer start to monitor us to make sure we work our hours? Is this really the way we want to go? The BBC are talking about more children having their own tablets. So the result of all this seems to be more monitoring by the device companies, by adults of children, of employers of employees & news organisations of the general population of how we spend our time online. Remember all this data goes somewhere. Whilst it is a bad idea to spend the majority of our time doing just one thing is this just another medium to feel guilty about? Alcohol, fat, sugar, tv, computer games there always seems to be something that is being targeted. Think about your usage definitely but like everything else balance is the key. It’s your time it’s your data take control.