Digital Skills – Reality – Admire the view

The digital world is full of people making massive strides in research and development not just in technology. Digital platforms have become the shop window for people to share their work. There are rocket launches, medical breakthroughs, new inventions and the latest trends in musical vying for your attention with social and political changes. Things are being reported so rapidly and from so many different angles that it’s hard to keep up! It’s easy to let the various news and media organisations provide you with their version of what is ‘important’. Whilst there are some brilliant reporters and agencies out there it’s useful to drill down and get down to the actual source of a story as some agencies actually highjack the work of others to gain clicks or show ads. Bear in mind that that can also be used to your advantage if you have your own news or breakthrough to shout about. So be savvy when looking at the worlds ‘digital shop window of news’ and get the most of this wonderful resource.