Digital Skills – Making peace with change

Work is a many faceted thing particularly within the digital world. It’s easy to get wrapped in the development of something that it becomes important in the way its production becomes a reflection of your professional standards. Digital work is usually online out in the world somewhere so isn’t hidden away. The difference with a digital artefact is that it is easier to change. Everyone is a critic and although the result may go against usability guidelines, design rules and not necessarily deliver the named project goals it’s important to remember just by taking part you have made a contribution. A single digital work is not a full reflection of all your abilities. It is often the journey and who you meet on the way to creating something that matters. So make peace with the inner critic that says it may have been better if you’d tried harder to advise and pushed more to ensure things work well. Learn something from every project every day and make the most of every production process. Change happens every day and every second especially in the digital world.