Digital skills: Light – positive communication

There’s more to design than just colours, light or engagement. Design in all its forms is about communication. This certainly applies to social media and whether you believe the hype and think this media is good or bad there will come a time when we have to interact with it. Clients whether they require help with multimedia or developing courses or supporting an event will need help navigating and responding or choosing not to respond to social media. We think of it as a newspaper or broadcast channel created by everyone in the great library of things. It is vast, it is unexpected, it is unpredictable. One thing to remember when viewing or creating social media is that it is an edited view of the world. So adding some light in the form of facts or honest opinions can be difficult. Whatever is added will be distorted, chopped up and represented as something it is not. So the old maximum of ‘begin with the end in mind’ is unlikely to work. In terms of clients it is important to demystify the medium by providing examples and educating. One of the best tips we have provided over the years is to make sure you have version of your ‘own channel’ established, this can be a website, a twitter profile or something on Facebook or all three. Then when things get distorted there is always the original space to look at. Also a thing we notice about posting thoughts and ideas is that they are often ‘copied’. It’s therefore useful to have an original log of what you’ve written. Imitation is definitely flattering but quoting out of context or ‘stealing’ is not. Illumination and adding helpful thoughts are the best form of social media plagiarism and negative comments really aren’t helpful in terms of profile. Keep it light and constructive, your profile can only benefit.