Digital skills: Light – effects on colour

In this series of posts we have chosen to talk about different elements of design and development of materials, how they relate to user experiences and what skills you might need to achieve good results. Our aim is always to delight and surprise our clients, ensure they enjoy working with us and add to the ongoing debate surrounding digital skills.

Light and colour mirror our client/consultant relationship, they work together as a team. One effects the other and it’s really important to consider all aspects of light effects on colour when creating anything. The medium is important whether it’s, video, print or online light effects the colours. One of the best ways we have found to quantify light/colour relationships is to think of everything produced as a sculpture. With a sculpture you have to think about where it is put, the environment that surrounds it and how it relates to the viewer. The Park West Gallery in America provide a guide on how to position works of art and this is an excellent place to start when thinking about light and colour as all the variables apply to producing almost everything.