Digital skills: Inspiration – Great teachers

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ . If we add our combined learning experiences together we make up more than those elements in isolation. Our skills overlap, mesh and form a network that support our work. We are therefore not only a sum of our skills we are a sum of those people who over time have taught us, shared ideas with us, suggested how we can improved things and supported us. This support and learning can be face to face but it is mainly digital. Online communities, websites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other platforms form the backbone of this. So often our great inspirational teachers are faceless, just a twitter handle or contributing to a forum. The most amazing thing about this is how generous people are with their help. They are truly brilliant. Remember that next time you google seeking an answer to something. Remember also that one way of reinforcing your own learning is to teach the topic or tip you have learnt. So pass on your learning and don’t forget to credit your teacher ?