Digital Skills – Covering the bases

Team work is an important skill. With all the sharing of digital data it becomes essential to make sure everyone involved with a project gets the credit for their contribution. Sometimes this can be difficult. The list of names can be long, just watch actors trying to remember everyone who helped them at the Oscars. There are only so many characters that can be put on to a page and it is often very difficult to retrospectively attribute which bit belongs to who and where you may have got an idea. However, if you want to thrive and grow in the digital world you must attribute those involved , yes that may take effort but if you don’t do this it has a habit of catching up with you. Social media does allow people to post an idea but it also allows people to search a whole library of data. So if initially you get away without giving credit eventually you will get found out. Something in your creation pattern may not fit your artefact/project, people won’t be able to see how you suddenly have developed a particular skill when you didn’t have it before, you may not be able to recreate your creativity on your next project. All of these make people suspicious. So it’s important right from the start of any project to document the process and most of make sure you thank people for their help you never know what projects they may be involved with after yours in which they may want to thank you.