Digital Skills – Connecting – Big Data

Overwhelmed by data? Not sure what to do with all the incoming content? Frightened you may have missed something? An important skill is filtering. We really don’t need all this stuff to be able to work effectively and keep up with friends & family. There are ways of managing things so you’re not overwhelmed. Big content providers are determined to get your attention & can be very persuasive. The trick is to think about what you want from all this. Use & monitor only hash tags, people & platforms you’re interested in (they are after all the way to sift out the topics you want), only connect if you think someone will add to your requirements & don’t connect all the time, limit your time on media. If it’s that important you will see it again & a week a day or an hour will not have that much effect on what you need to know. It’s a huge library of content you can always search for stuff if you need to. So chill out take control of this & BIG data will become YOUR data.