Digital skills: Composition – the basis of good design

As a part of series on digital skills we thought we’d look at some key concepts that underpin the way we think about all aspects of our work. The next few posts will be about composition.

Composition is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: ‘The nature of something’s ingredients or consistents; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up’. For us composition applies to the skill of taking or creating a pleasing image such as a photograph or an illustration, the combining of key ingredients to create a design or deliver a workshop and the formulation of an idea or method of delivery such as a social media campaign. There is a skill in being able to identify what will work for a particularly client, what materials or people will work together and what makes a good and usable design or educational intervention. So how do you acquire these skills? Composition is made up of many elements in the next few posts we will split it down into element and examine each area. To start off with have a look at some of the work produced by Fiery Red and consider how composition has shaped it: