Digital skills: Composition – the 3 E’s – Engage – the art of testing

You’ve created this great piece of design or artwork, a wonderful campaign for social media. You’ve worked with clients, colleagues and users and listened to all stakeholders. The composition of your team is excellent and everyone’s seems happy. You”ve done your research on your audience you’re ready to go….launch the product. Now you need to know if it’s been successful. You need to engage with the audience. At this stage it would be very easy to just leave it with your client to monitor success. However, there are many reasons to do your own assessment of the impact of your product. You will learn more about:

  • the product audience – always a good idea as you can use this knowledge to target your next project more easily
  • the client – you can use this knowledge to market your work to similar clients
  • the market for this product – you can use this information to improve your product

So engage with your audience and your client post product launch, by survey, by monitoring data outputs on social media, by reviewing usage and monitoring any reported issues. Putting engagement mechanisms in place at the beginning of a project is an essential digital skill which forms the basis of a good composition.