Digital skills: Composition – the 3 E’s – Empathy, listening the most useful tool

Often overlooked one of the key digital skill is the ability to listen. In this age of email, twitter, Facebook and a variety of other methods of communication it can be difficult to see how listening fits into this. Listening involves using empathy. Empathy for the clients, empathy for the users and empathy for your colleagues. It is about being able to interpret all these methods of communication, cut through the fake news, the language used and the combination of all the different media used and getting to the heart of the message required. A brand, a course, a design, a social media campaign all should be seen as one message. They should be put together as part of a jigsaw coming together as a whole to represent the client. A composition including all methodology, theory and thoughts of clients, colleagues and users. Listening and empathising by repeating back what you’re hearing. Learning to listen to the story being told by each type of media involves a range of digital skills. Interpretation of an image or a video are different skills to those of text. This all comes back to educating the eye, the ears and both combined, an ongoing task.