Digital skills: Communication – Timing is everything

Being in the right place at the right time is key to good communication particular in the digital world. In terms of design this may mean taking the right image, capturing the appropriate frame of mind of a client, posting the relevant comment on to social media or making sure you are listening to your audience and provide the right coaching advice to move a project forward. We see all these elements come together in our events management.  Making sure you get it right in terms of timing is tricky. We find that monitoring your audience, listening (an important skill on its own) by which we mean active listening where you make notes, researching the requirements of your audience and investigating venues, delivery platforms (physical and online) and just keeping up with the news in the audience and subject area help. You can then chose the time to add value by adding relevant comments, images and media. Being first might seem important but making sure you are revelant, topical and have something your audience want to see or hear is definitely more important.