Digital skills: Communication – Profile

The recent change in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has meant we have all been bombarded with emails asking us to ‘opt-in’, check our settings or ‘opt-out’. It has led many to consider their online identity in more depth. Whilst for us as a company it has meant more work, it has also led us to review who we are, what we are and what data we hold on behalf of others. Handling data and work for clients is always a privilege and the elements of trust and security are key to our business practices. In terms of our profile we find on re-examination that we present many faces to the world. Our logo for example is based upon a phoenix rising up, our name on our passion for helping people and our strap line on the areas we specialise in. It is all these facets that make a profile but they actually don’t define us. So when you look at your own profiles think about protecting the many facets that are private. It isn’t necessary to show everything when working with the world and the hidden facets are a precious commodity that deserve to be protected.