Digital skills: Communication – GDPR

Here we are in this ‘digital age’ and we are being bombarded with information and being told that everything we say and do in the digital space is being recorded and used to put us all into some sort of box where the marketeers are able to target us with my efficient campaigns. As an organisation that deals in data we look at all this and want to help our clients understand all this. So what is GDPR and how has this changed things in terms of data? General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 25th May 2018 it is a regulation brought in by the European Union. It provides guidelines for what companies can do with our data. In terms of companies ITPro have a great video on this which examples everything for companies. In terms of individuals there have been loads of emails sent to everyone’s email in boxes asking you are ok with companies having access to your data. This is an opportunity therefore to assess therefore what exactly are you signed up to and get rid of anything that you are not keen to stay signed up for. Our clients have been reporting there are places and things they weren’t aware they had signed up for. This is the time to cull anything you either don’t remember or aren’t sure about so be brave and say no! You can always sign up again to something if you want to. It’s your data if they don’t need to have it don’t give it to them ?