Change – barrier or opportunity

Ever year in January it seems to be an repeating trend to look at changing things. Whether it is ourselves (eating habits, fitness) or it is our working lives (adopting new procedures, new goals, new jobs). Change is seen as part of our new year make up. All this takes a lot of energy and effort and though it might provide some results it often leads to interesting decisions and choices that do not necessarily work. So this year we are advocating a review of things. Review what works and what doesn’t. Take the pressure off yourself and look to put in little changes but only where essential. Review your own circumstances yes but look out at the wider community both privately and at work bounce around a few ideas. We are looking at educational trends, design and app trends to better inform support for our clients. The key for us is to spend time listening to what the community say and to make sure we make the most of the opportunities and change incrementally.