9th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

Christmas is definitely on it’s way & to make it go well it’s a good idea to consider the entertainment that will surround the present opening & the food eating. Music has been found to enhance people’s mood (2013 study Journal of Positive Psychology) & defuse arguments before they happen. It is important to choose a variety of music to suit your audience, not everyone will appreciate a rock ballard or the latest chart hits. There are some really good music streaming services (Spotify, Google Play Music) but also think about radio stations which provide a variety & you can always change station when your audience changes from rock lovers to classical aficionardos. Radio apps aggregators come with a variety of options including a simple radio player (Radio Player, Radio-uk.co.uk) & more complicated radio streaming apps which provide libraries of previous programmes (BBC IPlayer, CapitalFM). Don’t forget that your internet streaming television usually comes with digital radio channels so you can also use your TV to stream radio so you don’t need an actual radio just a device that streams digital content. ?