6th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

Hopefully by now you have all your gifts & are ready to send them or give them! One of the most frustrating thing about giving a gift that is in anyway ‘digital’, as in online or comes in the shape of a link or an email is that there is nothing to actually physically open. You might get an email to say the link has been opened or the gift used (if you use Amazon) but sometimes this can be uninspiring & lacking in the excitement that comes with a wrapped up present. There are a couple of things you can do to make this more interesting. If you have vouchers which will be emailed you can send a breadcrumb trail of hints, maybe send an email of a picture of the venue a few days before. You don’t have to show the whole venue just a corner of the image. You can send an image on Whatsapp, text or email. Make sure that the recipient reads this. The next day you can send more of the photo or a picture or phrase related to the topic. For example if its tennis maybe a  picture of a racket string, a picture of Wimbledon, a picture of th date. Another thing you can do is send them an invite to a day out, you don’t have to say where or what to just ask them to book the date in the diary.  You could also send them a link or write in a digital card & send that. All this should inspire a sense of anticipation & make the gift email or link more interesting ?