5th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

Not wishing to frighten anyone but there is a week to go to Xmas day! If you haven’t got your presents by now there is only a week to go to get those gifts. So how can your digital skills get you those last minute gifts. Probably the most obvious thing to do would be to order some vouchers to be emailed out on Xmas day. Amazon, Not on the high street & eBay all vouchers which can be sent out to friends & family on Xmas day & don’t require physical delivery or wrapping. The other thing to do would be to book an event or buy tickets for people. You might have noticed that the gold rings in the shape of Olympic logo here so athletic events, tennis, a musical, a concert, a trip to a spa all might be good as last minute presents. Ticket factory & virgin experience days are good places to start looking. Always remember to make sure you give tickets where the event is a long time in the future so that if you have chosen the wrong thing the person receiving the gift has time to sell the gift on. For unwanted gift vouchers Zeek is a good place to sell those to someone else who want them.