4th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Days

So far we’ve talked about online safety, cards & calendars this next topic is combines all three areas. If you don’t want to produce calendars or cards you might want to still share your photographs of the year online as an album or gallery. There are loads of different ways of doing this, via social media sites, (Facebook, Flickr being 2 of the biggest), in file storage areas (Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive & Dropbox) & via a variety of applications (Smug Mug ). When sharing your photos you need to consider three things, what you are sharing, your audience & online safety. In terms of what to share this links with the audience. You might want to produce different versions of your album of the year for your gran or your boyfriend or your Dad or your best friend. In terms of safety online, make sure you understand the privacy settings on the area you are setting up to show your images. Apps often give you the option to change these when you add the image. Public always means PUBLIC, but also friends of friends can mean that you are spreading the images to a more varied audience than you might want to. So be careful! The best way to make sure you aren’t sharing images that may be inappropriate for when you are applying for a job or for when prior to a blind date someone if doing a google search to check you out before hand is to not post them. Remember to exclude any sensitive data such as the number of your house, your phone number or your date of birth. Stay safe, think about the potential audience & get sharing. Friends & family will love to see your photos!