2nd Days – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

Xmas provides a great opportunity to catch up with friends & send good wishes so the very minimum that we may want to do is to send Xmas cards. Cards have moved on from being paper & now come in array of digital formats. They are animated, the play tunes, include videos & can also be personalised by adding photos. Most of these formats can also be printed. If you’re really worried about your design skills they also provide templates. They can provide a cheap & efficient way to send cards to a large audience. The range of companies is huge here are a few to get you started: Moonpig (good for printing out), Hallmark (good for online & animated cards) & Smilebox (provides a range of formats). One tip before you start creating cards is to think about the recipients. What are their digital skills?  Do they have access to the internet to view your creations? Do they have sound?  Will you need to help them setup their device to see your card? The last thing you want to do is create something that won’t be enjoyed by your viewer. Creating cards is a good way to improve your skills but the audience is key when determining the method you use to create them.