12th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

So here we are it’s the night before Christmas?

Hopefully the preparation is all done & you’re ready to celebrate!

Christmas is always a marathon not a sprint, there is a whole week to New Year’s Day. As you’re sleeping off the excitement & the mince pies  there are a lot of things you might consider getting involved with in the New Year. You could donate to charity items as well as cash (Oxfam, Cancer Research, Kidscape, Cybersmile)  EBay has a charity donation space so if you want to repurpose those unwanted gifts then that’s another way of helping. Another thing you may want to give is your time, volunteering is not only a way of giving back it looks good on your cv, you may make some new friends & develop your skills  & your confidence (The Chatty Cafe Scheme, Blue Cross)  . The Join In campaign is a great way to get fit & help others enjoy sport. You can use your digital skill not only to get involved but to support charities & organisations by using social media to advertise events as well raising funds by sponsoring. Have a wonderful Christmas & start creating a wonderful new year full of fun experiences!