11th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

As you now have everything planned for creating & recording some content over Christmas it make sense to look at what to do with this & provide some tips for sharing it. Deciding where the content may go will help refine your plans for capturing content. There are a massive range of ways to share your experiences which keep friends & family happy whilst also creating treasured memories for the future. One  issue we’re going emphasis here is staying safe online. You might have the most wonderful image or video of friends or of family but do really want your boss to see this or the lady sitting next to you on the bus on the way to work? Think of social media as a theatre in which you are ‘performing’. Some theatres have more tiers than others so you can limit who can see you & where they sit in the hierarchy. A photograph of you partying could be shared with everyone (Twitter, Instagram) friends & family (limited Facebook choices) or just your friends (limited Facebook group, What’s app). Make sure you check all those setting before you start to party! The other thing you may want to think about is who you are sending content in these groups to & how often. Do this audience want to see these images or comments?  How will it make them feel? Sending something to someone without knowing that they want to interact with you in this way might from another perspective viewed as stalking or harassment so make sure everyone is happy. Getting images every five minutes may be annoying to the viewers. Quality is definitely better than quantity. See Intermatters guide to sharing safely online which is aimed a children.