10th Day – 12 Days of Digital Xmas Skills

The image for this post is based on the outfit worn by the BBC’s Dr Who. The time lords have this style of cloak & time is something the Doctor is able to navigate. Unfortunately we are not able to go backwards & forward through time. We only get a moment once so it’s a good idea to make sure you capture it. Most digital devices now take photographs, record audio & video. It’s easy to get carried away & take loads of images & video. Less is definitely more, there is a tendency to spend the time over the holiday period creating content which is a good thing but too much time doing this takes you away from enjoying the moment & too much content is likely to lead to more time editing stuff & posting stuff on social media. If you want to save time & make sure you get content that requires little editing then write a list of the things you want to capture.  Taking a panoramic shot makes sure everyone is included & is fun to look at. If you want to video everyone opening presents this can be done by setting up a webcam or a tablet in a corner & just pressing record. Make sure everyone knows the camera is on & where it is! Don’t forget to check composition for doing all of this & the audio!  Leave it running in the corner means your can join in the fun. It is worth spending time recording stuff but time is precious make sure you don’t miss a second of the event while you’re doing it ?